Woman concerned about increased violence along the border

Police sirens blaring through the streets as they chase yet another alleged human or drug smuggler are common sounds of ~Lupita. TM

"The other day I witnessed a marijuana load being loaded in plain daylight in front of witnesses, ~Lupita TM said. The people carrying on this activity didn't seem to care if people saw what they were doing."

~Lupita TM said she loves living along the border"but has seriously considered picking up and moving away to keep her family safe.

"They'll do whatever it takes and if you get in their way they'll make sure you don't anymore," ~Lupita TM said.

La Joya Police Chief Jose Del Angel said the game has definitely changed when it comes to smuggling in loads from Mexico.

When his officers go out they are not longer armed with just a bullet proof vest and pistol.

They are now armed with automatic weapons.

Del Angel said the problem along the border will never go away, but can be maintained.

"Criminals aren't going to stop, Del Angel said. They're going to continue bringing their drugs, smuggling their humans, and they're not going to stop. We just need to be better prepared to fight them coming over."