Woman dedicates her life to honoring veterans

Trudy Jasper-Tucker is not an everyday volunteer at McAllen Medical Center.

Tucker has a history of patriotism in her family.

All four of her brothers served in World War II.

It is that patriotism that encouraged Tucker to spend her days honoring those veterans who fought for our freedom.

"This morning someone was sitting out front and he told me how much he appreciated that I came to see him, Tucker said.

A lot of these veterans don't have a lot of family left."

She told Action 4 News that her visits are not always easy.

"The first time I visited someone from Vietnam he started crying, Tucker said. He told me that no one had ever thanked him for his service.

But when she needs to---Tucker finds a way to get a laugh every now and then.

"When they start to quiet down I'll say "I hate war! My wife Eleanor hates war!" That's what Roosevelt said during the Second World War, Trudy said. They laugh and loosen up a bit and they're ready to talk."

And if they are ready to talk Trudy is ready to listen.