Woman: Gunmen took my sister's truck in Camargo

Action 4 News spoke with a Starr County woman whose sister got caught in the middle of a robbery and shooting on the Mexican side of the Camargo-Rio Grande City International Bridge.

Maria Trevio said her sister took her truck into Camargo to get a permit.

The Starr County woman said her sister was there at the same gunmen attacked a tollbooth on the Mexican side of the bridge.

Her sister was able to walk back across the bridge but said the gunmen ended up leaving with her truck and personal belongings.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials cut off southbouth traffic at the bridge.

Law enforcement officials increased patrols in the area and normal traffic across the bridge resumed after about three hours.

Trevio was among a small crowd of people who gathered at the bridge waiting to hear more details about what happened.

She said her family is from across the border but now they are now going to have to think twice about going back.