Woman helps others with ~Infinite Love TM

She inspires.

She motivates.

She's Giovanna De Leon.

By day Giovanna works as a case manager helping at risk juveniles for the nonprofit organization called Southwest Key.

When she's off the clock, you'll find her leading the charge to feed the homeless and help the needy with a group she started called Infinite Love.

The non-profit gives out clothing, helps with prescriptions, utilities and rent for people who come to the McAllen Municipal Park on Tuesdays and Fridays.

She also gives school presentations on bullying and empowers women by educating them on their rights.

Giovanna has no idea she's been nominated for the Pay It 4Ward surprise.

"You look surprised?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf said to her when he walked into her office. "Ah, yeah," she responded with a shocked look on her face.

A fellow volunteer of hers with Infinite Love says Giovanna inspires and motivates her every day.

"Can I call in this special person?" Ryan Wolf asked. "Okay," she said with a sense of curiosity.

Rene Hanna then walks into her McAllen office.

"You are the most selfless person that I know," she said. "You countless times have helped people that are at need. You've done a lot of bully presentations. You've done so much for our community. That is why I called Ryan Wolf to Pay it 4Ward."

Bill Jones with FNB Insurance Agency awards the Pay it 4Ward prize to Giovanna.

"It's a wonderful story," he said to her. "And that's the reason FNB Insurance teamed up with Action 4 News to reward you for the perfect example, wonderful example that you give. That being the case, I'd like for you to hold out your hand."

Bill hands her $400 in cash.

Giovanna's parents and some co-workers who are in on the surprise erupt into applause.

"How exciting," Ryan said. "Tell me how you're feeling on the inside."

"I'm surprised," Giovanna responded. "I have no words. Of all times to have a camera on me, I'm speechless."

Giovanna believes life is more special when you put others before yourself.

On her birthday she baked cakes to feed the homeless.

"One thing I've learned is that your life isn't about you, it's about everything and everyone in it," she said.

Those who know her say she's a true humanitarian in every sense of the word.

Giovanna plans to use a portion of her Pay it 4Ward prize to help a non-profit organization. Click here to join Ryan Wolf TMs Facebook Page

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