Woman hides drugs inside her vagina

Hector Jesus Garza

Brownsville Police have arrested a couple for possession of cocaine.

Officers said they conducted a traffic stop Tuesday afternoon at the 2900 block of Impala Drive on a maroon SUV for speeding.

The driver was identified as 21-year-old Janice Perez and the passenger as 22-year-old Hector Jesus Garza.

Police said a small clear plastic bag was in clear view with what appeared to be crack cocaine.

The officer asked about the baggie and Garza allegedly grabbed it and attempted to take off.

A backup officer attempted to arrest Garza but he allegedly resisted and gave the bag to the Perez who then attempted to hide it.

Officers struggled with Garza who was finally handcuffed.

At the city jail Perez was searched and it was revealed that she had stuck 4.02 grams of cocaine in her vagina.

The cocaine was sealed in a small plastic bag.