Woman honored on Pay it 4Ward loses battle with cancer

It's never easy saying goodbye to someone you love, but Criselda Hernandez feels a sense of comfort in knowing that she was able to thank her special friend on Pay it 4Ward before she passed away.

"I'm very thankful for Pay it 4Ward and Action 4 News and of course Pronto Insurance for being there and offering this generous amount of funds for her," she said.

Delia Valdez was one of the first $400 recipients on the weekly program that airs Thursdays on Action 4 News at 10.

Her friend Criselda nominated the 65-year-old for her selfless acts of kindness.

But during the surprise award, a dark secret was revealed.

"She doesn't want to feel useless like she feels right now because of her cancer," Delia said through a translator. "I always like to help people, but I want to be like I was before."

The Pay it 4Ward nomination gave Delia renewed strength and purpose, according to her friend.

Criselda says it was the greatest way to honor their friendship.

Delia sadly died on July 14th after losing her battle to liver cancer.

She's buried next to her husband at Restlawn Memorial Park in La Feria.

"They're both happy and they're both together and I know they area watching over us," Criselda said.

Pronto Insurance will be donating $400 to the American Cancer Society under Delia's name.

Action 4's Ryan Wolf surprised Criselda with the news.

"Thank you so much," Criselda said. "I'm sure her son is going to be so grateful for that as well as I am."

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