Woman hospitalized after being dragged by vehicle

A San Juan woman tried to take down two men who allegedly tried to steal from her.

A San Juan woman was sent to the hospital after she tried to take down two men who allegedly tried to steal from her.

Sergeant Rudy Luna told Action 4 News the 19-year-old was asleep on the couch inside her home located on the 600 block of East 4th St. when she heard a noise and went outside to investigate.

"She looked outside to see what was going on and saw two people, Luna said. They were looking for something to steal. She went outside and they went to the vehicle."

Sgt. Luna said the teen did not want to let the duo get away so she went after them.

"The passenger window was open and she grabbed a hold of it, Luna explained. After a certain distance she let go--but it was too late. She had already suffered injuries to the entire right side of her body."

Sgt. Luna said the best advice he can give is to not go after suspects.

He said the best thing a person can do is get a good description of the suspects and let police handle the rest.

"Don't take it upon yourself to go after the suspects yourself. As you can see--it is dangerous, said Sgt. Luna.

The suspects are described as heavy-set, one was wearing a black shirt and the other a white.

They were driving a tan colored Dodge Neon.