Woman in her 60's burned while rescuing relative in house fire

One Brownsville woman suffered second degree burns has she saved her daughter-in-law while the home was on fire

A refrigerator still stocked with food sits melted on a lawn in Brownsville.

There's a sofa burned to the foam and blackened to ash nearby.

Nothing is salvageable at the home on 3044 East Avenue where a family's entire possessions lie in ruin.

"I feel terrible, Dora Colin said. I thought I could do more but I couldn't."

Fresh out of the hospital with second degree burns, 63-year-old Colin recalls how the nightmare unfolded Monday morning.

"I know it was 6 o'clock in the morning and I smelled smoke, she said. I got up and seconds after I opened the door the flames just went towards me."

She immediately thought about her daughter-in-law who lives with her.

Instincts kicked in.

"I knocked on the door for my daughter-in-law but she wouldn't get up, she said. So I knocked and knocked real hard and she finally opened the door| the house is burning!'"

With the flames raging and smoke filling up virtually every room in the home, both used windows to escape what they feared to be certain death.

The thing just exploded, Colin recalled. The window exploded and all the fire came towards me."

She sustained burns to her right hand, face and partially singed off hair that still comes out in chunks.

I just go like this, she said while showing Action 4 TMs Ryan Wolf the hair in her hand.

Despite the injuries she survived.

The same cannot be said for two of three family pets.

Her dogs perished in the flames.

Colin says she TMs thankful the family's still together.

Don TMt take life for granted, she said. Don't think you're going to live forever."

Dora knows her property can be replaced.

Her beloved Chihuahuas will live on in her memory.

The family did not have renter TMs insurance.

It TMs believed an electrical short sparked the blaze.

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