Woman in San Benito risks her life to save her horses

Claudia Coronado watched as flames got closer to her family TMs home in La Feria. The thought of getting her family to safety was her first priority and the second was saving her horses.

Coronado said My nephew is all I could think of, just to get my nephew and mom as far as possible, we weren't going to leave the horses behind especially since it TMs the horse my dad left my two kids, we didn TMt want to leave them behind."

At the time, Claudia says she wasn't even thinking about her safety. Claudia ran back home, as she was watching the flames consume the empty lot on North Kansas St. Just feet away, from her home. Coronado said I called 9-1-1 immediately to let them know there was a fire and at that moment a big gust of wind and the fire just started roaring we just got in to the truck a reversed as fast as possible to get away from the flames."

Initially, she didn't feel threatened by the fire, Claudia said because the fire management staff sent out a notice to everyone about a controlled burn taking place that week, lucky for Claudia there were a few brave deputies on hand to help her.

Coronado said, "Thank you to all of them I believe there name where Sharon and Will they were here from the get go and stayed here to the end."

This isn't the first time tragedy struck this family. They had to move from San Benito after Hurricane Dolly destroyed their home.