Woman killed after truck driver runs stop sign

Photo from scene

A 21-year-old is being charged with manslaughter after his truck fatally crashed into another vehicle Saturday night.

His Ford truck struck a Pontiac PC at the intersection of Alberta Road and Highway 281 Frontage Road in Edinburg.

Jonathan Sanchez was traveling west on Alberta Road when he ran the stop sign at the intersection, according to police.

That TMs when he slammed into a Poniac, with two women inside.

The Pontiac TMs driver, Maria Isabel Garcia, was killed and her passenger is in critical condition.

Authorities do not believe the passenger will survive.

Sanchez was arraigned on Sunday afternoon in the Edinburg Municipal Court.

His bond was set at $300,000.

According to the judge, Sanchez said he ran the stop sign because he thought he was going to run out of gas.