Woman leaves driver's license behind after stealing cross

Margarita Flores // Harlingen Police Department

A woman is behind bars nearly three months after she stole a silver cross necklace from a department store.

Margarita Flores was arrested by Harlingen Police after they learned she stole the necklace from Kohl's in Harlingen.

Flores allegedly stole the item in November, but when she was being questioned by store employees, she fled the store.

The alleged thief left her driver's license behind with the employee who were questioning her about the stolen item.

Months later, police were able to find her at the address listed on the driver's license.

They showed up to the house on the 800 block of Farley Street, where they placed Flores under arrest for the theft charge.

The silver cross necklace was recovered by the store, police say.

Her bond was set at $750 for the charge.