Woman pinned by car in Harlingen accident

Gas station accident leaves woman pinned // Harlingen Police Department Photo

Authorities are investigating a gas station accident that left a woman pinned by a car in Harlingen.

It all happened at a Stripes convenience store off West Tyler Avenue and the frontage road of Highway 77 just after 12:30 p.m. Friday.

Harlingen police reported that the accident happened at one of the gas pumps leaving a woman pinned by a car.

Rescuers got the woman out whild paramedics rushed her to a local hospital.

The woman's medical condition was not immediately available but investigators said she appeared to suffer non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators desribed the accident as a "domino effect" involving three vehicle.

Police said a truck pulled into the gas station and hit the car of the woman pumping gas.

The impact pinned the woman between the car and the gas pump, which fell over on a truck parked on the other side.

Police said the accident happened on a private parking lot but officers cited the man who started the accident for driving without a driver's license.

Investigators said the man did have auto insurance.