Woman recognizes donut shop manager's act of kindness

A Harlingen woman couldn't contain her gratitude after her wallet was returned to her with everything inside. A wallet Magaly Colon didn't even know was missing. Inside Colon had her social security card, credit cards and birth certificate. Friday morning, Magaly was home alone when her doorbell rang. Magaly didn't know who it was, so decided to ignore it but the doorbell kept on ringing. After a couple of minutes she opened the door apprehensively. "There was a young man there and he had my license in his hand and my purse in his other hand," Magaly said. "He looked at my license and he look at me and he said you left this." Magaly couldn't contain her emotions. "I started to cry and the you know I kept looking inside and you know to count and just to look at the contents and he said everything is there," Magaly said. "Then at one point I just jumped on him and hugged him." Action 4 News found out that the stranger is the manager at the Shipley's Do-Nuts in Harlingen. Earlier that day Magaly and her husband went to Shipley's. Less than half an hour after leaving the store the manager was at her home. "I did have everything in it from birth certificates, to social security cards, credit card," Magaly said. "You know my whole life is in this purse." While the man didn't want to go on camera, employees at Shipley's say he is extremely kind hearted and that this selfless act doesn't surprise them. Magaly tells Action 4 that she knows how lucky she was but that things could have been worse. From now on Magaly says she won't be carrying her social security card or birth certificate with her at all times.