Woman says husband left her for dead

Just a few days ago Ella Basaldua thought her life was going to end.

"He said if he can TMt have me, no one can."

She claims her husband of four years had driven her out to a boat ramp off Harris Road outside Rio Hondo and threatened to drive her truck with them still inside into the water.

"I got out of the truck and started walking then I heard the truck speed up and he hit me."

All Ella Basaldua recalls is the front of her truck, allegedly driven by Jorge Basaldua, on top of her.

She quickly scurried to her feet to avoid being run over.

"I thought he was going to kill me," she said. This allegedly was not her first violent encounter with the man she loved.

"In 2011, he dragged me by my hair and then he stabbed me in the eye with his keys and my pupil doesn't retract."

Ella Basaldua made a Call 4 Action after she claims Jorge Balsaldua was still out on the loose resulting in her fearing for her life..

"I filed police reports with the city and the county but he TMs still around town. What TMs it going to take to get him arrested?"

Action 4 News called on the Cameron County Sheriff's Department who confirm Jorge Balsaldua had been arrested on April 1st for aggravated assault, family violence. He was given a $20,000 dollar bond then.

After we alerted them about the claims from Ella Basaldua that he tried to run her over a few days ago, they found out his probation had been revoked and then set out to put him back behind bars.

Ella Balsadua says she has dealt with his alleged abuse for too long and had to finally call it quits.

She says she stayed with him because she loved him but now regrets it.

"Yeah, I think I should have left in the beginning and none of this would have happened, Ella Balsadua said.

A warrant is out for the arrest of Jorge Basaldua for DWI and continued assault family violence.

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