Woman searches on her own for stolen wallet

Christmas day went sour for a Pharr woman after her wallet was stolen on date night.

Valeria Mendez said she was enjoying a much needed date night with her husband at the new Cinemark movie theater in Pharr.

The movie theater is the last place Mendez saw her wallet.

"In the middle of the movie I did hear something fall, and I thought it was my phone. So, right away I went to check inside my purse, and I felt that my phone was there," Mendez said. "I didn't think any else of it."

It was not until she got back home that she realized it wasn't her phone that fell but her wallet.

Her wallet had two debit cards, the family TMs insurance cards, and her passport.

"I was in panic mode about it, it would come and go you know thinking about it," Mendez said.

Mendez didn't find it anywhere, and that's when she decided to put the pieces together herself.

"That was the last place I used it, and last place I even remember feeling in my purse," Mendez said about last having her wallet at the movie theater.

She decided to start her own little investigation.

When she looked over her card transactions, she noticed the card was used at a Taqueria in Pharr that neither her or her husband had gone too.

She immediately went to the Taqueria and was able to see the surveillance video.

She obtained images of the two alleged thieves from the taqueria.

Since then, Mendez has notified Pharr police and Bank of America.

She cancelled her cards and Pharr police are currently investigating the case.

"Just cancel everything, you don't want to have to go to the hassle of someone stealing your identity cause I think that TMs bigger than somebody taking a couple of dollars to go eat or something," Mendez said. "My identity is a big thing, I have a really good credit, last thing I want is for that to be ruined."

Mendez tells Action 4 News that if her wallet is returned intact she won't press charges, but if the wallet is gone forever she won't let the thieves get away with it.

Only put what you need in your wallet when leaving your house to avoid being the next victim of identity theft, police say.