Woman shot in the face during dispute

A woman is shot in the face, then dumped off at a convenience store in Mission.

Mission Police say the victim is doing fine and is expected to recover.

She isn't able to speak- -but she is able to write, that's how police were able to put together the pieces of this puzzle.

Investigators say the victim was trying to break up a fight between two males in Alton-- when a gun went off.

Following the incident, a male dropped off the victim at a Valero on Shary and Express in Mission.

That's when someone spotted the woman and called police.

Officers say the victim was shot in cheek and the bullet exited through the temple.

"A Mission detective was able to communicate with the victim through a piece of paper and an even gave some notes and information. We were lead to the area of Alton where we found evidence that a struggle took place at that apartment complex," said Mission Police Asst. Chief Martin Garza

Police say they did find blood at the apartment and are trying to figure out if the shooting was intentional or an accident.

The case is now being handled by Alton police--but Mission says they will assist in any way that they can.