Woman testifies husband tried to kill her and her daughter

In an emotional court hearing new details emerged in the case of a Mission man accused of shooting his wife, daughter and daughter's boyfriend.

Action 4 has exclusive coverage inside Monday's divorce settlement.

Mission pediatrician Dr. Patricia Filosa had a lot to say about the night of June 15 when her now ex-husband Talal El-Haj was arrested on three accounts of attempted murder.

Filosa told the court El-Haj climbed over the fence to get on the property that night and slashed all four tires of the two cars parked outside.

(El-Haj was already prohibited from the property before June 15.)

It was then Filosa called 911 and took her daughters to hide in the bathroom.

"Everything moved so fast. He put a gun on my daughters head like this, Filosa said. I will never forget that. He put a gun, I heard the click. He wanted to kill my daughter in my arms."

El-Haj is accused of shooting his daughter in the clavicle. Filosa says she dropped to the ground with her.

"I was on the floor with her and he shot me three times, Filosa said.

Because the divorce was filed in November, El-Haj's counsel argued the June 15 incident was not a cause for the divorce.

Filosa filed for divorce claiming he was cheating with multiple people, one of whom Filosa alleges he made a sex tape with.

"He was at home, fooling around, sleeping with the maids, having orgies, Filosa said.

Filosa says her ex-husband lived a double life.

"With me he was one thing, but then with his friends, his orgies, his prostitutes, his porno, Filosa said.

El-Haj did not comment during Filosa's testimony but his loud outbursts toward the end of the hearing and prior hearings did not fare well with 139th District Court Judge Bobby Flores.

Flores ruled the dissolvement of the marriage El-Haj's fault because of adultery and awarded 100 percent of community assets to Filosa and only personal belongings and half of the community vehicles to El-Haj.

Filosa said she was most worried that if released on bond El-Haj would kill her. For now he is staying in jail.

While the civil case may be over, El-Haj has yet to undergo his state trial on attempted murder charges.