Woman transforms San Juan home to help sick, needy kids

When Evelyn Nielson's husband passed away, she sold half the contents of her San Juan home to transform it into a quilting center.

Furniture has been replaced with sewing machines.

Fabric and supplies now fill her living room.

With the help of about a dozen people, Evelyn has been able to turn her life-long passion for quilting into a way to help make life better for sick and needy children.

It's wonderful, said Evelyn. Just have a little child thrilled to death to have something that's his or hers that somebody made for them."

She started a volunteer quilting group last year called ~St. John's Quilters TM.

Their quilts go to kids in colonias, the P.S.J.A. Independent School District, various children's organizations and Driscoll Children's Hospital to keep the tinniest of dialysis patients warm.

We look at each fabric and think oh, that'll be good for a little boy, said Evelyn. Or this will be good for a baby."

Her selflessness is rewarded by the quilting club who turned to the Pay it 4Ward program to pull of the ultimate thank you surprise.

"On behalf of Pronto Insurance and Action 4 News, I want to Pay it 4Ward, said Kathleen. So hold out your hand| here TMs 400 dollars.

Evelyn: Oh thank you! This will buy us a lot more fabric and lot more batting and keep us going.

Ryan: You transformed your home into the quilting mecca|The epicenter for quilting.

Evelyn: Well I'm not real good at a lot of other things, and if I can help children keep warm next winter, I think that's the most important thing in the world to do.

She can't recall how many quilts she's made over the last 50 years, but Evelyn calls this moment, this surprise, something she'll never forget.

Evelyn: I TMm amazed.

Ryan: What are you feeling?

Evelyn: Overwhelmed... Overwhelmed. No one has ever really said thank you like that before.

Domingo Reyna, Pay it 4Ward sponsor with the Pronto pre-paid card calls Evelyn a worthy recipient.

Domingo: It TMs a great inspiring story, to see someone who is not just giving their time, but also opening their house for all this work for children, hours of effort without expecting anything in return. I am very proud to recognize on behalf of Pronto Insurance your hard work.

Evelyn: I didn't start this for recognition. I just started this to keep children warm.

Wrapping children in love and prayers is one more way to Pay it 4Ward.

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