Woman victim of road rage

We all get it|road rage| and for some of us it will pass, but for others it can get out of control.Road rage is increasing, said Trooper Johnny Hernandez. We are having an increase in fatalities as for as road rage.That is exactly what happened to a resident from San Juan on Monday.We are keeping her identity confidential because of the circumstances.I was leaving my son at school and was on my way back home, said the victim.She said that is when she ~cut someone off TM|without realizing it.I didn TMt do it intentionally, said the victim. She got my attention by honking at me. I waved and said I was sorry.The victim thought it was over but the situation got worse.The light turned green so she drove in front of me stopped the car, said the victim.She said she did not know what to do| she was blocked in with nowhere to go.She was cussing me out and telling me to get out of the car, said the victim. I told her I was sorry and she kept yelling at me.She said her instincts told her to stay in the vehicle.She said the woman eventually went back to her car and the victim thought the confrontation was over.She was wrong.She came back with a bat, said the victim. She was waving the bat around and told me to get out of the car. She swung the bat all the back and proceeded to hit my car. She stopped before hitting the windshield.The victim said she did not know if it was the honking of the horn or that the woman swinging the bat came to her senses that made her stop.The victim said the woman put the bat down, got back in her car, and drove away.At least we TMre safe, but no one knows if she TMll encounter someone else, said the victim. Even her, she TMs putting her own life in danger.Trooper Hernandez said there are millions of people on the road and people need to learn how to share it.Pounding on the steering wheel and using profane language isn TMt going to make the traffic go any faster, said Hernandez.The biggest tip he can give is that someone call 911 when they feel in danger.If it TMs going to endanger your life and you feel threatened|dial 911 and report the driver, said Hernandez.As for the victim, she said she is even more cautious when out on the road.