Woman visits five doctors for hydrocodone and Xanax

Jessica Trevino

A woman was arraigned on two counts of fraud Thursday, May 9th.

Jessica Trevino allegedly possessed schedule three and four controlled substances by fraud.

She allegedly went on a doctor visit spree over the course of several months.

The 33-year-old woman visited a CVS Pharmacy in Brownsville to fill her Hydrocodone and Xanax prescription more often than usual, which led to suspicion about her medication.

Upon the suspicion, the pharmacist ran a check on Trevino through their system and discovered that she had been seeing various doctors throughout Brownsville.

She allegedly visited five different doctors to obtain schedule three and four prescription medications from them.

Accoding to court documents obtained by Action 4 News, Trevino allegedly visited multiple doctors during the same period of time.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Hydrocodone is a schedule three controlled drug, and Xanax is a schedule four controlled drug.

She allegedly obtained an amount not medically necessary for her of the controlled substances.

The two counts are third degree felonies.

She appeared before Magistrate Judge Manuel Flores Jr. where her bond was set at $15,000.