Woman wants justice after her dogs are attacked at local dog park

A McAllen woman wants justice for her three dogs that she said were attacked at the McAllen Dog Park on Sunday.

Candice Yoder said she had her dogs on leashes when she entered a trail surrounding the park when she noticed a woman with two unleashed pit bulls.

They just immediately went for my dogs, Yoder said.

Yoder said the white pit bull attacked her black Chihuahua first then went after her other two dogs.

I was screaming at the woman to please get your dogs off, I said call them off, Yoder said. She didn TMt do anything.

Her dog Spot suffered the worst bite, he has puncture wounds on his side.

After the attack she didn TMt see the woman anywhere, so she took her pets home.

I couldn TMt afford to take them to the emergency room so I took them the next morning to a vet here in McAllen, Yoder said.

After spending more than $100 dollars at the vet Yoder filed a police report.

She said police told her nothing can be done because no witnesses came forward and they have no information on the woman.

But Yoder said a police officer witnessed the attack.

His car was facing right down the sidewalk when the attack happened, Yoder said.

She is hoping the officer comes forward with information or video of the attack.

McAllen Police tell Action 4 News they have no record of any officers being in the vicinity at that time.

Yoder says until the woman and the two pit bulls are found, she plans on staying away from the park.

I just want to feel safe going to the dog park, and right now I don TMt, Yoder said.