Woman warns of IRS scam involving undelivered checks

Virginia Gonzalez was excited when she found out the IRS owed her money.

Gonzalez said she Googled the IRS website and a phone number popped up and she dialed away. She said the person on the other end asked for her name and then told her the IRS owed her money.

"Right away, what really threw me off was that he wanted my debit card number," said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez said she told the man she would have to call him back"but her persisted and said he would call her.

They kept calling and calling, said Gonzalez. The called every thirty minutes, ten minutes and five minutes---I just didn TMt answer their calls.

We took Gonzalez TMs concerns to IRS Spokeswoman Lea Crusberg. She said the number Gonzalez was calling was incorrect.

The correct number is 1-800-TAX-1954.

She said some people forget that the IRS website is

She said, instead, people type in or and that will pull up other sites that might look like theirs but is not the IRS website.

To find out if you have any unclaimed money out there simply go to

Click on ~WHERE TMS MY REFUND TM and put in your current information.

From there you should receive a check in the next four to six weeks.