WorkForce Solutions holding youth summer job fair in Edinburg

Workforce Solution centers across the Rio Grande Valley are continuing to be filled to the brink.

While people are getting back to work ---it seems that it is not coming fast enough.

The job market is not what it used to be, said Yvonne Bonnie Gonzalez. Job seekers do have to go the extra mile to help them stand out.

Gonzalez said people continue to use the more traditional way of finding a job.

Whether that means going to center like Workforce Solutions or job search through a newspaper, others take a different approach.

We find that many of our job seekers, especially the younger ones, are very comfortable at looking at opportunities through social networking sites, said Gonzalez.

To better reach those using Workforce Solutions Gonzalez said they started to incorporate text messaging into their system.

We blast thousands of our job seekers via text messaging, said Gonzalez. That has worked wonders. We have had people quickly respond to those text messages and for those opportunities.

Workforce Solutions is offering a job fair for those between the ages of 16 and 24 on Saturday, May 15th at the Edinburg Roadrunners Stadium.

The stadium is located at 920 North Sugar Road in Edinburg.

Participants are asked to come professionally dressed and will also need to bring:

- Age Verification- Citizenship/Alien Status- Social Security NumberPositions Hiring:

  • Administrative Department
  • Promotional Assistants
  • Ushers
  • Park Lot Attendants
  • Information Booth Attendants
  • Cashiers
  • Ticket Sales/Takers/Greeters
  • Kid TMs Zone Attendants
  • Concession Hawkers
  • Suite Waiter/Waitresses
  • Cook Assistants
  • Food Handlers
  • Bar Backs
  • Bartenders