Would you break a window to save a child?

Child saved from hot car

It's a miracle a Mission girl is alive.

"She was in the hot car for an hour," said Mission Cpl. Manuel Casas. The 18-month-old child was strapped in her car seat in the backseat of her mom's SUV, trapped as the temperatures rose in the middle of a hot day.

"It was about 100 degrees outside yesterday so in 40 minutes in the car it reached 120 to 140 degrees." Luckily for the little girl, a woman spotted her locked in the vehicle and help arrived. Her mom was arrested on the spot and charged with child endangerment.

"It doesn't matter if she forgot she was in there, there is no excuse, there has to be justice for this little girl." When seconds matter, saving a life falls in the hands of whoever sees a child in that type of situation.

"As a police officer, I can't say you should break a window or you shouldn't, do what you feel is right at that time. I am a father and I would break the window myself." According to authorities, when it comes to rescuing a child in distress when the doors are locked, a citizen should not be held accountable for damage to the vehicle as they try to free the trapped victim. This little girl hung on for 58 torturing minutes, sweating profusely and crying for help as her mother shopped inside a grocery store.

It was the person walking in the parking lot who noticed and took swift action that is a hero. Lorena Marilu Garza posted bond. The child was released from the hospital and is said to be in good condition.

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