Wrap up of hurricane preparedness call center

Taking Action 4 You and getting you prepared for Hurricane season, from a live phone bank to a live chat the Action 4 News studios turned into Hurricane Preparedness Central.

Emergency Manager for Cameron County Johnny Cavazos says, "Your doing an outstanding job to inform the public of what they're supposed to do we're very happy that we were invited to do this kind of programming."

Guest included Judges, insurance experts, along with all four Emergency Mangers from the Valley, all on hand to answer questions and inform the public on how to get prepared.

Emergency Manager of Hidalgo County Tony Pena says, "We're all doing this together cause ya'll are big partners in this emergency management operation."

From boarding up your home to stocking up on food and water first aid kits and batteries experts say it's all about developing a plan and sticking to it.

"Who they're going to call when they're going to leave how they're going to get there how they're going to pay for it all these things need to be decided well in advance.", says Emergency Manager Johnny Cavazos.

One popular question viewers wanted to know on was whether or not their citizenship status would be questioned if they were to evacuate.

Willacy County Emergency Manager Frank Torres tells Action 4 News, "We're not going to ask you what your legal status is our job is to get you out of harm TMs way regardless of what your status is."

At the end of the day it's all about public safety.

Tony Pena says, "It's all about preparing yourself at the individual level, cause that's where emergency management starts at the individual level it's about taking responsibility for yourself your family and your neighbors."