WWII hero says the younger generation don't respect veterans

Veteran Vera hopes younger geneartions know what Veteran's Day is about

Raul Vera's memory from World War II is still fresh and just as painful to recall today.

"I see the guys that were on the planes coming back all shot down," he said. "They were all bleeding and everything."

Raul served in the Air Force from 1943 to 1945.

His primary duty included working with bombs.

"I used to put the bombs inside the airplanes and put the fuses on," he said. "We had to put two fuses on each bomb."

Born in Mercedes, Raul enlisted in the military before even finishing high school.

He said his love for his country, not money at just $50 a month in pay, steered him to fight for our freedoms.

Pushing 90-years-old, Raul questions whether kids today realize the true sacrifice veterans made.

"The young people right now, they don't care," he said. "They like their skateboards, their machines and everything but they don't care about the veterans."

"How does that make you feel?" Action 4's Ryan Wolf asked.

"It hurts," he responded.

Raul has a new flag outside his Mercedes home.

It was placed there after the community came together to build him a new home.

JW Turner construction stepped in to help after Raul's home was destroyed in a fire over the summer.

His wife Martina died from injuries she sustained in the blaze.

"It makes me feel like to cry," Raul said.

The flag is a source of strength and inspiration for him. He hopes this Veteran TMs Day, the younger generation will remember what the flag truly represents.

"It's for the veterans that went and sacrificed their life to bring everything safe," he said.

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