Xanax pills send students to hospital

13-year-old Julianne Ibarra was hospitalized after taking Xanax

Joanne Gallardo got the scare of her life Wednesday afternoon after receiving a call from the Point Isabel Junior High School's nurse.

She looked very pale, said Joanne Gallardo. I mean her eyes were rolling back. And I asked did you take something? What happened?

Gallardo's daughter, Julianne Ibarra, is one of two students who got sick at the school Wednesday after allegedly taking Xanax.

According to Gallardo, a male student was handing out prescription pills in the cafeteria.

She's so afraid because the kids told her you need to take this and you need to give this out, said Gallardo.

If you don't something is going to happen to you.

Gallardo says around 9 a.m., Julianne began demonstrating symptoms, like difficulty standing and falling asleep in class.

The 13-year-old was rushed to the hospital.

The parent was at Valley Regional Medical Center while her child was undergoing treatment was shaken and upset over the incident.

I was so scared that something was going to happen to my daughter, said Gallardo.

Xanax is a common drug used for anti-anxiety.

Experts say experimentation can lead to serious personal injuries and death to children.

Superintendant Estella Pineda confirmed in a statement that there is an ongoing investigation at the school, but said she couldn't speak about specifics on the case. Gallardo thinks the school should search students for drugs the same way they do for weapons.