Young adults get health coverage

Caryn Powers is one of those young adults who already benefits from the Health Care Reform Act. At 24 years old, she has Crohn's Disease, an immune disorder that attacks the stomach and intestines.

"It TMs like having the stomach flu but its 100 times worse, says Caryn,

Her medicine alone costs more than 3000 dollar a month.If she couldn't stay on her parents health insurance she says, she'd be bankrupt and unable to work as a nurse.

If I had to go off policy, I wouldn't get the meds I need, wouldn't be able to go to doc,says Caryn. I would be very sick.

The Obama Administration says 2.5 million young adults can now stay on their parent's health plan up to age 26 thanks to the act.

Henry Cuellar calls this an accomplishment because young adults are in the most likely age group not to have health insurance.

"It meant that the coverage to those young folks in the nation went from 63 to about 74 percent in that category and that's a big plus because they now will have health insurance, said Cuellar.

But as life saving as this was for Caryn, the young adult provision is not without limitations.

Last year, the administration itself projected this one benefit alone could increase group health insurance premiums nationwide by up to 1.2 per cent.

In the state of Texas you have two insurance companies that really control the market, said Cuellar. So instead of having two insurance companies, we will have four or more.

When you have more insurance companies controlling the Texas market, you'll have more competition. This will help us lower insurance premiums.

High cost projections are precisely why republican candidates like Mitt Romney say ending the health care reform act is the first thing they will do.

If I'm president, on day one, I will take action to stop Obamacare in its tracks and I will get it repealed, said Romney.

But Cuellar says if you look at the insurance premiums before the health care law, they kept rising every year.