Young cancer patient needs blood donations

Eleven-year-old cancer victim Lourdes Reyna has gone through nine months of heavy and intense chemotherapy.

She's like if I'm going to get better, I need that chemo, said Lourdes' mother Veronica Reyna. So what do you say to a child, when they say I want to fight for my life? You have to keep going."

Lourdes, also known as ~Lou Lou TM to her loved ones, has been battling two types of cancer since February.

Her cancer is called acute bi-phenotypic leukemia.

Only 20-percent of pediatric leukemia patients have reportedly been diagnosed with it.

Lou Lou's parents, Veronica and David Reyna, have been her strongest allies, seeing her through eight chemotherapy treatments and supporting her goal to give back to the hospital. "She's always trying to do everything to help others, said Veronica Reyna.

Little Lou Lou designed and sold purple and orange bracelets: orange representing leukemia and purple being her favorite color.

In total, Lou Lou earned $1,000, giving it all to the Doctor TMs Hospital at Renaissance in Edinburg.

Now, her parents are hoping the community will give back to her in the form of blood platelets.

It's twice a day, so every 12 hours she's getting platelets, and the blood bank of course doesn't have that supply for her every day, said Veronica Reyna.

Right now, Lou Lou is not allowed to see many people, because doctors say her immune system is too weak to fight off other people TMs germs.

Not only is she fighting cancer but also pneumonia and a fungus infection in her nose.

Regardless of what seems to be more bad news after more bad news, Lou Lou TMs parents say they have faith help will come Lou Lou TMs way.

"I'll be honest, it's just been bad report after bad report, said David Reyna, but we continue to believe that God can turn this around in her favor, for her benefit."

If you would like to donate blood or blood platelets to little Lou Lou, call (956) 263-1655.

The United Blood Bank is taking names of those who would like to help.

Because Lou Lou is a minor, her parents must approve the names, before you can donate.