Young couple with six children left homeless after house fire

Days before Christmas, a young Alton couple with six kids is left homeless after a fire destroyed their trailer home.

Losing everything in it: clothes, pictures, furniture, Christmas gifts and their dog Princess ,who didn't make it.

Thankfully neither Jaime Navarro, his wife Myire Alvarez nor their six children were at their trailer at the time the fire broke out Tuesday night.

When the fire started, Navarro and Alvarez were at the local clinic for their kids to be treated for a cold all six children were suffering from.

When they arrived at their Alton home on Trosper road, their trailer home was no longer there.

Firefighters from the Alton fire department and officers from the Hidalgo County Sheriff TMs Department were waiting for the couple to break the news that a fire left them homeless.

"I broke down crying, I couldn't get control," Alvarez said. "They wouldn't even let me see it."

The Alton fire department tells Action 4 News it took 5 firefighters around 3 hours to put out the fire.

Right now, the case is still under investigation.

The cause of the fire is unknown.

The family is unsure what could have cause the fire to break out.

"We were actually really carefully about this kind of thing happening, making sure everything was unplugged," Navarro said.

The trailer was a gift from Navarro's grandmother a year and a half ago.

Before living in this trailer, Navarro, Alvarez and their six children were constantly moving from place to place.

This trailer was the couple's first home.

However, they did not purchase insurance for the trailer.

Currently, Navarro works in Olive Garden and Alvarez is unemployed.

Despite the devastating loss of their home, the couple is not giving up and they believe things will get better.

Navarro tells Action 4 that thankfully their kids are young and don't understand the magnitude of the situation they are facing.

"It hurts when they say let's go home, let's go home and there's no home to go to," Navarro said.

Right now, Navarro is living with his mom while Alvarez and their six kids are staying with Navarro's grandmother.

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