Youth gone wild: Majority of arrests in San Benito 25 and under

San Benito police have made 836 arrests, and the majority of the arrests are people 25 and under.

What is even more surprising is that 234 of those arrested have yet to graduate from high school.

"65 percent of the crimes committed where committed by persons that were under the age of 25 and under so that TMs something that caught our attention, Detective Rogelio Banda with San Benito Police Department, said.

That 65 percent represents 543 people out of the 836 crimes committed in San Benito from January 1 to June 30th.

Reports obtained by Action 4 News show that 234 of those crimes were committed by teens 17 and under.

"Some of these property crimes, some of the personal crimes are associated with violence or with substance abuse, Banda said. Thats one of the things I have seen were a lot of these young adults orteenagers they commit these crimes under the influence or you know as an act of violence."

The most common crime amongst teens is drug abuse and runaway.

For those 18 through 25, its drug abuse and public intoxication.

While they may not seem like major crimes, the effects could be long term.

"Some of these offenses like Class B and above they go in your permanent record, Banda said. There TMs some that will depending on the age of the offender will kind of go into their juvenile record."

To decrease crime, San Benito police started two years ago "Operation Blackout.

Operation Blackout is held two to three times a year.

San Benito police with help from the Constables office go out on the streets with no warning to the public to catch those breaking the law.