'Zetas' associates arrested, cash seized in Nuevo Laredo

Eliodoro Nava-Reyna and Gloria Isela Reyna-Romero

Two alleged associates of the Los Zetas cartel are behind bars following an operation where authorities seized almost $500,000 dollars in cash, vehicles, guns and cell phones.

The Mexican Navy reported the arrests of Eliodoro Nava-Reyna and Gloria Isela Reyna-Romero on Tuesday.

The two are allegedly linked to Antonio Campos, the Los Zetas boss for the Nuevo Laredo area.

Navy officials told Action 4 News that Reyna-Romero is known as La Guera Bruja and is believed to be Campos TM girlfriend.

Authorities reported the seizure of $476,475 dollars and $72,480 pesos during the operation.

Navy officials also reporting seizing two vehicles, guns, cell phones and other communications equipment.

Authorities allege that Nava-Reyna and Reyna-Romero are connected to Campos TM drug and human smuggling operations.

The two remain in federal custody were they face organized crime charges.