Zetas leader arrested for role in San Fernando massacres

Mexican marines arrested a Zetas cell leader and five other people for their alleged roles in a series of masscres that took place in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

Mexico's Naval Secretary Mariano Saynez reported on his Twitter account on Saturday afternoon that Omar Martin Estrada-Luna is in custody.

Estrada-Luna, who goes by the nicknames "Comandante Kilo" or "El Kilo," is believed be one of the authors of the massacres.

The Mexican Navy (SEMAR) confirmed the arrest and said in a statement the Estrada-Luna is believed to be responsible for a series of mass graves recently found in San Fernando.

Authorities have recovered 145 bodies but fear there may be more than 200 hidden in graves throughout the area.

SEMAR officials reported that Estrada-Luna had a hand in the recent massacres as well as the slaughter of 72 Central and South American immigrants back in August 2010.

The officials also reported that marines arrested five more people along with Estrada-Luna but the names of those other suspects has not been released.

The arrests comes three days after Mexico's Attorney General's Office (PGR) had identified Estrada-Luna as a suspect in the case.

A PGR statement issued Wednesday identified Estrada-Luna as a Zetas cell leader but the Mexican Navy reported on Saturday that he is a plaza boss.

Regardless of his rank, the total of arrests in the case is now 39 suspects, a number which in includes 16 San Fernando police officers arrested on Wednesday.