Zetas leader arrested in Monterrey

      A leader with the Zetas drug cartel accused of killing a retired army general is behind bars in Monterrey.

      Mexico TMs Ministry of Defense (SEDENA) reported soldiers arrested Oscar Manuel Bernal-Soriano early Thursday morning.

      SEDENA officials said Bernal-Soriano is a leader with the Zetas drug cartel, who went by the nickname La Araa or El Spider.

      Authorities said Bernal-Soriano is also accused of being part of group that murdered retired Brigadier Gen. Juan Arturo Esparza-Garcia back in November 2009. Esparza-Garcia was working as a police chief in Garcia, Nuevo Leon at the time of his death.

      SEDENA officials said Bernal-Soriano is also accused in participating in the kidnapping of five men at the central bus station in Monterrey.

      Mexican soldiers received a tip that the Zetas leader was at a home off Avenida Paseo de los Leones in the Colonia Santa Clara in Monterrey.

      Authorities entered the home around 4 a.m. Thursday and found assault rifles, handguns, ammunition, marijuana and two vehicles inside.

      Six other were people were arrested. They were identified as:

      - Arturo Velez-Velez (aka El Quilatan)- Victor Manuel Olvera-Perez (aka El Peque)- Rosaura Montemayor-Muoz (aka La G 1/4era)- Jose Vicente Salazar-Vital- Ruben Guadalupe Barbosa-Esparza- Jose Manuel Martinez-Guerra

      SEDENA officials report that Bernal-Soriano replaced former Monterrey Zetas leader Juan Francisco Zapata-Galleges (aka El Billy or El Pelon) following his arrest back in August.

      Bernal-Soriano and the six others remain in custody where they are now facing federal charges.