Zetas leader arrested near Nuevo Laredo

A Zetas leaders is behind bars after being arrested in a small town just outside Nuevo Laredo.

The Mexican Navy confirmed the arrest of 28-year-old Jose Manuel Diaz-Guardado on Sunday.

Authorities identified Diaz-Guardado as the plaza boss for the Zetas drug cartel in Hidalgo, Coahuila.

Officials said the incident took place in Colombia, Nuevo Leon along the Piedras Negras-Nuevo Laredo Highway.

Navy officials reported marines were out on patrol when they saw a vehicle with its doors open along the roadway.

It TMs not clear what they were doing there but officials reported Diaz-Guardado and the others tried to flee the scene but were not able.

Authorities found a total of 10 assault rifles, ammunition, camouflage uniforms and $11,280 pesos in cash inside the vehicle.

Marines arrested Diaz-Guardado, Juan Jose Guadalupe Banda-Lopez, Jose Martin Dias-Guajardo and two minors.

Diaz-Guardado allegedly led marines to a municipal junkyard in Piedras Negras where authorities found more guns, vehicles, ammunition, uniform logos and other items.

All five suspects and the evidence are expected to transported to Mexico City where prosecutors will continue to investigate the case.