Zetas leader in San Fernando massacres captured

Mexican Federal Police arrested another Zetas member in connection to the death of hundreds of people in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

According a press release from the Mexican Ministry of Public Safety (SSP), its officers arrested 22-year-old Edgar Huerta Montiel, aka El Wache, on Wednesday at the city of Fresnillo, Zacatecas.

The SSP said, upon arrest, Huerta Montiel admitted to personally hijacking two 18-wheelers carrying 72 immigrants from South and Central America back in August of 2010.

Federal Police also said he admitted to personally killing at least 10 people, and ordered several men to hijack six passenger buses in San Fernando, with the intention of torturing the passengers to see if they belonged to the Gulf Cartel.

Their bodies, he allegedly admitted, ended up in the mass graves.

Huerta Montiel is considered to be right hand man of Salvador Alfonso Martinez Escobedo, aka La Ardilla, the leader of Zetas Cartel in Tamaulipas.

The Mexican Government is offering up to 15 million pesos, or $1.7 million, for information on Martinez Escobedo TMs arrest.

Huerta Montiel was handed over to Mexico TMs Attorney General TMs Office for prosecution.