Mayor invites Trump to visit McAllen, meet the people affected by White House policy

Mayor Jim Darling will invite President Donald Trump to visit McAllen and meet the people actually affected by White House policy.

Darling discussed the invitation Monday afternoon during the McAllen City Commission meeting. Commissioners gave Darling the go-ahead.

When Trump went to the Midwest, he met face-to-face with people affected by trade policy.

"So I thought well, OK, let's look at the faces of people that could be affected by future policies," Darling said.

Trump's campaign pledge to build a wall between the United States and Mexico — apparently adding to existing fencing and other barriers — could have a wide-ranging impact on the Valley. New fencing along the Rio Grande could cause massive flooding in Mexico during future floods and hurt endangered species on the border.

Trump also pledged to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, which could spark a trade war with Mexico. Manufacturing in Tamaulipas supports higher paying jobs in Texas. Any attempt to shut down or shift manufacturing would hurt Texas too.

Hidalgo County Republican Party Chairman Sergio Sanchez said he would support a presidential visit to the Valley.

"If they can organize some type of summit or meeting here in South Texas where Donald Trump can come and visit with us, visit with our leaders, our mayors and county leaders here on the border — not just Laredo. Visit here in the Rio Grande Valley, which is NAFTA Central," Sanchez said. "And, of course, the whole issue of immigration is right here."

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