American Consulate confirms casino attacks in Reynosa, Nuevo Laredo

Mexican authorities remain silent but the American Consulate in Monterrey has confirmed two recent casino attacks in Reynosa and Nuevo Laredo.

A deadly attack on a casino near downtown Monterrey left at least 52 people dead late Thursday afternoon.

Mexican authorities are promising justice sending 1,500 troops and 1,500 federal police to Monterrey and surrounding cities.

Action 4 News reported about a grenade attack at a casino off Boulevard Hidalgo in Reynosa on Wednesday night.

Mexican authorities confirmed being called to the scene but never releases any further details about the Reynosa attack.

In an emergency message issued late Friday, the American Consulate in Monterrey confirmed the Reynosa attack.

Consulate officials reported that nobody was injured in the Reynosa attack but that there was property damage.

The consulate also reported that another similar attack took that place that same day in Nuevo Laredo.

Consulate officials reported that no Americans are among the dead in the Monterrey attack.

The consulate issued the emergency message to advise Americans to be on alert while traveling in northeastern Mexico.