Border violence spurs increase in air travel

A possible gunfight between rival drug cartels had the U.S. Consulate in Matamoros warning Americans not to travel to Matamoros this weekend.

The dangers there are constant.

Those danger have some travelers taking to the skies to get to Mexico.

They TMre ditching driving and opting for a seat on an Aeromexico plane.

The airline Aeromexico began operating in Brownsville in July.

It offers a direct flight to and from Monterrey, Mexico, allowing passengers to avoid the dangerous border town of Matamoros.

Passenger Felipe Romero told Action 4 News it's the only form of travel his company will allow him to take for safety reasons.

Romero said before the flight existed, he flew from Monterrey to Matamoros, Mexico.

He would then drive across the border, a trip he said frightened him.

The flight between Brownsville and Monterrey costs less than from Matamoros to Monterrey.

The savings combined with increased safety have ticket sales soaring.

Romero said no price can be put on peace of mind.