Brownsville Airport to Offer Flights to Monterrey & Tampico

On any given day people from all over the country and world travel through the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport to visit the Rio Grande Valley or to get to their destination, and pretty soon one of their options might be to travel to and from Mexico. It's a strategy Brownsville City Commissioners are hoping will pick up the economy.

"They TMll be here utilizing the Valley's and the City of Brownsville TMs, (South) Padre Island's assets and it TMs an economic boom for us, Brownsville City Manager Charlie Cabler said. We can also see that there's a lot of people from Mexico that are interested in opening businesses here."

Cabler said it's also a faster and more secure way for Mexican shoppers that are itching to spend their money to get here due to the ongoing violence in Mexico. City commissioners have already met with Fly Frontera Airlines and leaders in Monterrey and Tampico.

Cabler said that side is excited about the possibilities, but now the issue becomes funding the nearly $2 million project.

"We are making communication and contacts to set up meetings for example with the Brownsville Economic Council, we'll get into meetings with for example the Port of Brownsville, of course (South) Padre Island and other entities we feel may be able to share in some of the expense that will make this a reality," Cabler said.

If the City gets all the team players they are hoping for, the airline to and from Mexico could be up-and-running as soon as May.

There would be several trips per week to Monterrey and Tampico and fares would range from about $130 dollars for a one-way to $260 dollars for round-trip.