Carolina Gonzalez Disappearance in Matamoros Worries Family

Carolina Gonzalez TMs family is still trying to cope with her sudden disappearance of more than a week ago.

Nothing makes sense I can't put two and two together, nothing makes sense there's a lot of missing pieces," said Joanne Madrid, Carolina Gonzales TMs mother.

She said she was weary of her daughter staying in Mexico given all the violence but her daughter assured it wasn TMt as bad as on TV.

According to Madrid, the teen wasn TMt about to stop crossing south of the border.

Her mother said Carolina was excited because she had just gotten a hosting gig on a Mexican television show which she appeared on every Thursday. Knowing Carolina had so much going on for herself, Madrid said she doubts her daughter left willingly and now fears she won TMt see her again.

They have no intentions of returning her or hearing a mothers plea or fathers plea, said Madrid. We have looked so hard for her that I can't believe we haven't found her by now."

Carolina was last seen on October 28th and since then her family has not stop looking for her but so far they've come up empty handed.

I'm torn I TMm devastated ...I'm so distraught I can't even imagine I don't even want to imagine. I TMm just praying and praying and putting it in God TMs hands, said the mother.