Conservative Glenn Beck unloads supplies, cooks barbeque for immigrants

Glenn Beck at Sacred Heart Church in McAllen // Photo via Catholic Diocese of Brownsville

Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck joined Senator Ted Cruz along the border amid the immigration crisis bringing soccer balls and teddy bears in a tractor trailer.

Beck first announced he would be in the Rio Grande Valley on The Blaze, founded by the conservative talk show host.

I TMve never taken a position more deadly to my career than this, and I have never ever taken a position that is more right than this, he said on The Glenn Beck Program before announcing he would make his way down to the Texas-Mexico border.

Beck arrived along with Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX) as they headed out along the border before sunrise, according to The Blaze.

Operation BBQ Relief started early Saturday morning, and Beck joined volunteers as he cooked barbeque.

Beck, joined by Cruz, toured the Sacred Heart Church in McAllen where unaccompanied minors are able to shower, receive a change of clothes and rest before heading to their destinations throughout the US.

Beck announced earlier this month that he would bring hot meals for 3,000, water, teddy bears and soccer balls to the Rio Grande Valley.

We must open our heart, Beck announced.

Beck has consistently maintained that everyone who is in the United States illegally must be sent back to their home countries, according to The Blaze.

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