Debate Over Cesar Chavez in History Books Continues

As the state celebrates the life and accomplishments of Cesar Chavez, the debate continues over whether the Texas State Board of Education should remove him from the history curriculum.

Wednesday, more than 40 state legislators in Austin reached out to the Board, trying to find a compromise, according to State Representative Rene Oliveira.

He told Action 4 News a compromise was necessary, though he strongly opposes removing the mention of Chavez and other key figures in American history.

"It TMs absolutely stunning to me that we TMre having this kind of censorship and promotion of right wing values," he said.

Oliveira added that if they failed to reach an agreement and the Board voted in favor or the removal, he would join a lawsuit with other legislators to outlaw the Board.

He said, that if that failed they would also consider cutting funding for the group.

"It has more impact than just Texas, he said. The books, this is such a large state, are going to be similar books that will be sold in other states."