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      High-ranking drug cartel leader wanted by U.S. government arrested

      U.S. State Department photo

      A drug cartel leader who was wanted by the U.S. government since 2008 was arrested near Reynosa, according to CBS News.

      Mario Ramirez-Trevino, also known as Pelon was arrested in northern Mexico between Rio Bravo and Reynosa, CBS reports.

      The 51-year-old was wanted since 2008 after a federal indictment stemming from drug violations.

      The U.S. Department of State was offering a reward of up to $5 million for information leading to Ramirez-Trevino's arrest.

      Ramirez-Trevino was a ranking member of the Gulf Cartel and was second in command of its operations in Reynosa

      Ramirez-Trevino was arrested at his home, CBS reports.