Judge denies bond for suspects in Gulf Cartel case

Federal Courthouse in McAllen

It was a virtual pipeline across the border with tons of marijuana being moved from Mexico to Starr County and then to Houston.

Some 13 people from Starr County are facing federal drug trafficking charges:

Edgar Alonso Benitez Rosendo Guerra Jose Cesario Gomez Roberto Gomez-Hernandez Severo Garza, Jr Gilberto Miranda Prado Donaciano Lopez Jose Guadalupe Gomez-Hernandez Julio Cesar Lerma Jose Eladio Benitez Jose Sepulveda Jesus Angel Benitez Maria Del Pilar Trevino

Court records remain partially sealed but a 30-page federal drug trafficking indictment out of Houston names 52 people as suspects.

The indictment details a conspiracy going back to 2011 to move multiple tons of marijuana from Mexico up north.

Cash profits from the sale of the drugs was then moved south of the border.

The 13 suspects from Starr County had different roles in the alleged conspiracy.

Some are accused of smuggling the drugs while others are charged with money laundering.

Sources told Action 4 News that the group was working with Gulf Cartel in Mexico.

All 13 appeared before U.S. District Court Judge Randy Crane in McAllen on Wednesday morning.

The hearing ending with Judge Crane denying bond for all 13 suspects until a Tuesday afternoon hearing.

Family members were in the courtroom but declined to comment.

With arrests in the Valley, Laredo and Dallas, those those behind bars in the are all facing extradition to Houston.

Federal court records show that the will go to trial there.

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