Man goes missing after visiting girlfriend in Mexico

Stacy has been missing since January, after he was reportedly visiting his girlfriend

A family clings to hope and is desperate for answers as their loved one goes missing in Mexico in the city of San Luis Potosi. 47-year-old James Robert Stacy has been missing in Mexico since January 25th.

A few days later, his bank accounts were emptied out in Matamoros.

With no word on his whereabouts, the Stacy family is fearing the worst, but still hoping for the best.

"Today is the 26th day anyone has heard from James Robert Stacy," explained private investigator Rich Liebe.

Family and friends are searching for clues as to what may have happened to James Stacy the night of January 25th.

He was on his way home to Hopkinsville, Kentucky after spending the holidays in Mexico with his longtime girlfriend.

"He had been there several times before and driven several times to visit his girlfriend. This particular time, he got there on December 20th and expected to be there for about one month," said Liebe.

Things didn TMt go according to plan.

Stacy called his mother around 7:30 that morning, but didn't leave until 2p.m. that afternoon.

Investigator Liebe said that meant Stacy would have to drive through the night.

Liebe told Action 4 News, Stacy made a frantic call to a friend Carlos while in Cuidad Victoria.

"He says, ~I'm being followed by two white trucks with armed men and I'm scared. I don TMt know what to do. TM The next thing Carlos heard was a gunshot," said Liebe.

Carlos got another call that night from Stacy's phone.

The man on the other line had claimed to be with the Mexican Navy.

He began asking Carlos several questions, and reassured him Stacy would be okay and that he TMd be getting another call back.

However, that did not happen.

Investigators tried tracking the phone, but all attempts to contact Stacy have been unsuccessful.

Still, family members are not giving up hope.

"He's alive, but we're very concerned where he may be or what condition he might be in right now," said James TMs younger brother, John Stacy.

"We have concerns, but we're hopeful and optimistic that we will be able to locate, find him, and bring him home," agreed Liebe.