McAllen World War II Veteran goes missing in Mexico

It TMs a desperate plea for help.

It TMs closure. It TMs closure that we need said Lisa May.

She is one of ten children.

Her father is a retired World War II Veteran, 88-year-old Captain Brit Eugene May.

After leaving the military, he decided to try his and hand at cattle ranching in Veracruz, Mexico.

May re-married had two sons and kept busy at this ranch El TelPalquillo.

It wasn TMt until five years ago, that Lisa TMs father decided to move back to the United States with his Mexican born son.

One of them was denied entry after his naturalization papers were not accepted, so May decided to stay in Mexico.

The reason why my father stayed is because my brother is only 18. He was still young said Lisa.

He was not going to leave him in Mexico on his own.

Suddenly, just three weeks ago, Lisa TMs father disappeared without a trace on the family ranch.

Veracruz police claimed they searched for him, but Lisa says they TMve only given her family excuses.

Lisa claims investigators overlooked conflicting statements from possible witnesses and even refused to go into the ranch to search for evidence.

There theory is this is really strange. It could not have been abduction, because they would've already called said Lisa.

If somebody killed him, there would've been a body|Why would they hide it she added.

Lisa contacted the U.S. Embassyin Mexico City, Mexico for help, but she says they told her they are understaffed.

Action 4 News Video Journalist Dais Martinez placed a call to the U.S. Embassy, and she is waiting for a reponse.

According to her, they said they could not send anyone to Veracruz to investigate her father's disappearance.

She said her family has been strong during the ordeal. They are ready for whatever news may come regarding her father. But, Lisa stressed the hardest part is feeling helpless about being able to help an American missing in Mexico

Knowing that we keep walking into brick walls everytime, because nobody seems to care. It TMs like.. is that the way to you treat your heroes? It TMs pretty sad".

Lisa has joined the website The Missing American TMs Project in hopes of getting some feedback on what she can further do to find her father.

Lisa may has joined the website "The Missing Americans Project" in hopes of getting some feedback on what she can further do to find her father.