Officers discover $153,707 under mother, daughter's dresses

      Money seized by CBP Officers

      Nearly $154,000 has been seized before making its way back into Mexico.

      U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Officers arrested three Mexican nationals on cash smuggling charges.

      CBP officers conducted a southbound inspection on a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee with Tamaulipas license plates.

      The driver, Oswaldo Vidales-Ferral, and his wife, Maria Fu-Avila, were traveling with their one-year-old daughter and Fu-Avila TMs mother.

      CBP officers allegedly saw Fu-Avila and her mother, Maria de Jesus Avila-Rodriguez, show signs of nervousness.

      While at secondary inspection, CBP officers allegedly noticed abnormal bulges on Fu-Avila TMs thigh.

      The officers patted them down and discovered 18 bricks of cash compressed between tight clothing under her dress.

      The 18 bricks of money totaled $78,954.

      Officers then did a pat down on Avila-Rodriguez and found more bricks of cash totaling $78,954 under her dress plus an additional $170 in her purse.

      The mother-daughter duo allegedly admitted to transporting narcotics and money from Houston to Mexico three times.

      Fu-Avila said she was paid $3,000, while her mother Avila-Rodriguez admitted being paid $1,000 for the trips.

      CBP officers seized a total of $153,857.

      The three Mexican nationals appeared before Judge Magistrate Dorina Ramos Tuesday in McAllen.

      Judge Ramos denied bond until a detention hearing set for Friday, May 3rd at 11:00 a.m.