Pothole Patrol: Palm Boulevard in Brownsville

Potholes and patches make maneuvering turns tricky.

It's the end of the road before heading into Mexico.

But that doesn't mean Brownsville residents aren't concerned about where Palm Boulevard meets with Mexico Boulevard.

It's a frequently-used roadway that patching up the monstrous holes only serves as a band-aid to a very injured street.

The road is also the most direct path to the UTB's ITEC Campus where students attend classes on a daily basis.

In addtion to their courses, students have to test their driving skills to maneuver the numerous potholes on Palm Boulevard.

The Pothole Patrol asked Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada about the situation.

Ahumada said the city has limited resources but promised action.

"Now that you bring it to my attention , I will bring it to the city manager's attention and address it as soon as possible," Ahumada said.

The Pothole Pumps didn't measure any holes but the 5-inch heels are stomping out future problems on Palm and Mexico Boulevards.