Preparing ahead of hurricane season

Emergency Manager Javier Garza

Dolly might have been classified as a category one storm, but it wreaked havoc on much of the Rio Grande Valley.

The storm itself is unique and we want people to pay attention to the storm and everything that it brings, Emergency Manager for South Padre Island, Javier Garza said.

It is not about the category--we're paying attention to the storm and everything that it brings. We're emphasizing, run from the water and hide from the wind, he added.

Garza said they stress being prepared every year.

While it might be the same song and dance for many, it is a message that will keep them alive and out of harm TMs way.

"It's now, now is the time to be prepared....not a week before the storm, Garza said.

As a dozen of islanders sat and listened to Garza and several others speak about the importance of being prepared.

He hopes they heed the warnings should an emergency arise.

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